School Profile

Overview of Crisp County Middle School:

Cordele-Crisp County offers the best of all worlds. The city of Cordele, in which Crisp County Middle School is located, has all the "small town" charm you hope to find in a South Georgia community while maintaining its agricultural roots that play a vital role in the county’s economic success.  Just as the qualities of Cordele-Crisp County add to the character and growth of the area, Crisp County Middle School seeks to offer the same to the students who walk through our doors.  The scheduling model features connections classes in computer science, physical education, health, math and reading focus, band, chorus, family consumer science, art, and agriculture, making for a well-rounded curriculum.    

Students & Staff:

With a student population of over 700 grades 6-8, we strive to E.L.E.V.A.T.E to the next level each day.  Of the students enrolled, 70% are minority students,  49% are female, and 51% are male. The student-teacher ratio, which is the same as that of the district, is 14:1.  There are 60 equivalent full-time teachers and one full-time school counselor.