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Science Fair Winner from Mrs. Thomas’s Class


Title and Winners


1st place

Which Fruit Lasts Longer Organic or Non-Organic?

Lily Banda

2nd place

How Do Lungs Work?

Annalynn Griggs

3rd place

How Does Fast Dancing Change Your Heart Rate?

Bre’Anna Jones


1st place

Would Leaving Out Ingredients in Cookies Change the Texture, Appearance, or Taste of the Cookies?

Jaylen Long

2nd place

Does Whitening Toothpaste Work?

Lana Bray

3rd place

How Does Dark Sodas Affect Human Teeth?

Zoey Lester

Physical Science

1st place

Soak It Up

Rachel Fachini

2nd place

Which Brand of Popcorn Is Best?

Beau Moore

3rd place

Which Stain Remover Works Best?

Maddie Smith

Behavioral Science

1st place

Which Bait Works Best to Attract Flies?

Ethan Roberson

2nd place

Does Human Music Or Species Specific Sounds Calm Cats?

Emma Miller

3rd place

How Do Different Sleep Medications Affect Different People?

Kaydence Britt


1st place

Wood vs Aluminum?

 Cooper Powell

2nd place

Which Ball Goes The Distance?

Robbie Lancaster

3rd place

How Does The Air Pressure Of A Soccer Ball Affect How Far It Travels?

Sebastian Garcia

Earth/Environmental Science

1st place

Does Controlled Release Fertilizer Help Plant Grow Larger?

Rylee Kelley